We about us:

We live at Althütte and our hobby is the breeding of GDS.  Althütte is a small village surrounded by meadows, forests and lakes located in the Swabian-Franconian forest about 35 km north-east of Stuttgart in state of Baden-Württemberg.

How to find us:

Breeding target:

Our breeding target is the maintenance of working dogs features as per the breed standard defined by the GSD-Society (SV) with particular emphasis on animales´beauty.

Breeding surroundings:

animals are not only kept in the house but live also outdoors.

Breeding conditions:

Breeding appropriate to species with family contact. A large garden enables them to run around free and to discover their environment.

Sale of pups:

At the moment of sale, pups have been comprehensively vaccinated and wormed according to their age.

Time of sale:

within the 8th week of their life at the earliest

Kennel inspection:

Breeding surroundings as well as animals have been checked and registered by a veterinary officer.


As breeders we are registered members of the GSD-Society (SV) e.V. being part of the German Society of Dogs (VDH).